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Computer Network Technology

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Computer Network Technology

This specialty is the “Key Specialty of the National education Campus Schools” and “Model Specialty in Guangdong Province”. Its objective of education is to cultivate students to be specialized in network technology with strong practical ability. After 3 years of study and training, students will be competent to work in the frontline of network technology enterprises. There are 3 orientations in this specialty: Network Integration and Engineering Supervision, Information Security and Network Management, and Network Programming.

Aims and objectives

The Computer Network Technology Section aims at:

l   promoting all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, and aesthetic;

l   mastering the basic theory of Computer Network and applied technology;

l   being familiar with computer networking technology and network programming

l   being capable of constructing, operating, testing and maintaining a medium enterprise computer network;

l   being possessed with computer network construction and programming capabilities;

l   being skillful of all applications of computer network equipment, systems, management and service;

l   Meeting the needs of the talent market for high-skilled professionals.

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